Buddha head

28 000,00

Copper alloy
17th century
H. 38 cm

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This Buddha is the perfect embodiment of the stylistic and technical evolution of his representation, which originally came to us from the Indian world. Over the centuries, and passing through many regions of Asia, the Buddha canon has undergone many variations. Here, we find ourselves far removed from the primitive stone Buddha representations of northern India.

His oval face has symmetrical, highly stylised features that accentuate the divinising aspect. This balance is also shown in the symmetry of the hairstyle, made up of small, regular curls covering the protruding skull. The Buddha’s slightly pointed ears and excessively stretched lobes are typical of Thai art. It is worth noting the frankly oblique line of the eyes, rendered by the wide, almond-shaped eyelids stretching towards the temples. These eyelids are bordered by protruding eyebrows that meet in the centre of the forehead to form the busted nose characteristic of Sukhothai art.

Provenance: Private collection from Brussels, built up between 1970 and 1990 (by repute).