Ancient region of Gandhāra
3rd-4th century
H. 35 cm



This superb pedestal in grey schist comes from the ancient region of Gandhara. Dated to the 3rd-4th century, this work consists of three parts: two feet with open sandals held by the gaping mouths of fantastic animals. These feet surely belong to a Bodhisattva whose whole body was to be the main sculpture of this work. To the right of the pair of feet, we can admire a small figure in a position of admiration and prayer. Kneeling, his hands are joined and his face is raised to contemplate with adoration, the bodhisattva who was certainly above him.

Under the feet of the bodhisattva, a very deep and fine scene has been carved in the recess of the pedestal. This scene also represents a bodhisattva in a meditative position. He is indeed sitting cross-legged with his hands resting on his knees. His face shows the serene and benevolent expression of a person in deep concentration. The bodhisattva is flanked by two worshippers on each side.

We particularly appreciate the attention paid to the many details present on this sculpture, both in terms of the decorations and ornaments as well as the characters, their expressions or the draping of the clothes for example. It is interesting to note the finely engraved floral motifs on the right side of the sculpture under the figure in the prayer position. The details are therefore very precise and varied, making this work an unusual and very original piece.

Provenance : Private collection, Belgium (by repute).