Buddha head

18 000,00

Golden bronze
15th-16th century
H. 43 cm



This beautiful sculpture from the Ayutthaya Kingdom period in Thailand depicts a Buddha head recognizable by the characteristic elements of the Great Man, or lakṣaṇa: his serene expression and fine features, the flame rising above the ushnisha. A superb and incredibly well-preserved golden patina covers almost the entire face of the Buddha. It is also interesting to note the very good preservation of the entire earlobes stretching on either side of his face. His hair is stylized in multiple curls whose relief is notable.

The head is represented here with a calm and peaceful expression. His fine features are typical of the productions of the Ayutthaya period: half-closed eyes and arched eyebrows, full cheeks and a gentle smile stretching across the Buddha’s fleshy lips. A certain tendency toward the decorative permeates Ayutthayā art from its inception. This trend became more pronounced over the centuries. The great finesse of the face, the marked relief of the hairstyle, the stylization of the ears with their strong arching and the multiple inlays give this head a particularly amiable and seductive aspect. This decorative aspect will triumph in the Bangkok period after 1782.

Provenance : French private collection.