Minegishi Seikō (b. 1952)
Brown rice-colored celadon-glazed stoneware
18 cm x 12,8 cm x 29,4 cm



Minegishi Seiko is considered one of Japan’s most accomplished celadon ceramic artists. However he came to celadon indirectly having first worked in the Kohiki style, an iron-rich clay body covered with a white slip modelled after Korean Yi Dynasty (1392-1910) Punch’ng wares. He achieved success in this style but found there was a discrepancy between the kohiki style and the more precise forms that he wanted to make. After seeing a large Chinese celadon bowl in the Tokyo National Museum, Minegishi was inspired to create the perfect celadon deep crackles

Minegishi Seikō specializes in the notoriously difficult crackled-celadon glaze on a wide range of vessel forms. His thickly applied glazes span the classical range of celadon colors from pale green to gray to beige and are characterized by kan’nyū, or deep crackling that serves to accentuate his elegant forms.